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The disruptor island

Scope of work

art direction


creative education

A story about feeling trapped in this world, wanting to break free, running away as fast as you can and finally finding the place you were looking for. Your world, your island: The Disruptor Island.

The first short film created by nothing but Disruptors

Sabine Staartjes

Maureen Peeters

Creative Director

Romy Bresseleers

Creative & Executive Director

Jazzmin Nilsson

Photographer & videographer

Rafaël Stomp
Lizzy Yokus

Music & BTS

Björn Hato

Drone Pilot

Dimitri Triantos

Assistent Art director

Fashion Designer


Anouk Pannen
Stijn de Vries


Neldrick Martis

Production assistent

Andy Tiah


Luna van Herwijnen

Photographer & 

allround assistent

Angela Ovaa

Behind the scenes

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